Dunedin commuters may have noticed some impressive looking equipment in and around the new Dunedin hospital site lately. Following on from last year's geotechnical and environmental investigation, engineering consultancy Tonkin + Taylor are undertaking further drilling. This drilling will go to an even greater depth of up to 30 metres, which will help us to better understand the ground conditions on the new site and the work that will be required for the foundations of the new hospital.

Drilling on Cumberland St

The drilling will be across a number of locations on Castle and Cumberland Streets, the Cadbury factory, and the south end of the Wilsons block. The majority of the drilling is expected to be complete by mid/late August. We are in regular contact with affected businesses and will do what we can to limit any disruption.

Soil samples taken from different depths

Earth samples taken from different depths (1-3 metres, 22.3-24 metres) underneath the New Dunedin Hospital site.

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