Blair works for RCP, who are leading providers of independent project management and strategic advisory services to New Zealand’s property and construction industry.


What is your background, and have you worked on any projects similar to the New Dunedin Hospital?

Southland born and bred, came to Otago to Study Architectural Draughting. Worked in architectural and structural consultancies for eight years. It was during this time that I was involved with the Otago Regional Correctional Facility in Milburn (South Otago). For the last eight years I was a Design / BIM Manager at Calder Stewart Construction.


What does your role entail?

RCP have been engaged by the Ministry of Health to manage the design and construction phases of the New Dunedin Hospital. Currently my role sees me looking after consenting, which at the moment is all about the demolition but will move on to the horizontal and vertical construction in time.


What are some of the challenges you'll face?

There’s no doubt a new hospital being built in such a central location will present plenty of challenges. I see the early challenges being relating to ground conditions, tight constraints of the site and the traffic flow around it.


What excites you most about the New Dunedin Hospital project?

To be involved in a project of this magnitude is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m really looking forward to being able to help deliver a new hospital that Dunedin can be extremely proud of. And while this is a significant project in its own right, the opportunity that it will present to existing and new businesses in Dunedin is also very inspiring, it makes me very excited for the future of Dunedin!