Jared Glue

Jared Glue, RCP Project Manager. Photo by Tom de Silva. 

What’s your role?
I’m the RCP Project Manager for the New Dunedin Hospital’s Outpatient Building.

What’s RCP?
RCP is a project management company that covers projects right across the spectrum from small infrastructure projects to some of the biggest projects in New Zealand – like the New Dunedin Hospital.

How did you get into this line of work?
I initially wanted to be a property valuer, so when I left school I went to Lincoln University and did a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Valuation and Property Management. Toward the end of my study I decided I wanted to do something different. I realised I was really drawn to construction.

How did you make the change to construction?
I got a job in the industry as part of the Christchurch earthquake rebuild. I was an assistant project manager, working for a company doing earthquake repairs to houses. While I was in that job, I also did a Master of Construction through Massey University. Then I got a Site Manager role at Hawkins Construction, making the move from residential to commercial. Later I worked for CPB Contractors on Christchurch Hospital’s Waipapa building. After my experience working on Waipapa I was keen to take on the task of the New Dunedin Hospital.

What do you like about commercial projects?
I’m a real big projects person, so I enjoy the scale and complexity of large, commercial projects. I particularly like health projects because they’re the most complex projects you can deliver. The infrastructure to support the requirements of a hospital is very involved – operating theatres are incredibly complex spaces.

What would you say to someone wanting to get into the industry?
Be ready for opportunities and leverage them as much as you can. I was told at the start of my career that I needed to have a trade background and I’ve probably come through a slightly unconventional pathway. But I’ve been able to leverage opportunities and turn them into a great career.

What do you like about this project?
The team. At RCP, and in the wider project team, everyone’s got great skills and we’ve been able to foster a really positive working environment. It’s also exciting to think of the fantastic healthcare facility that we’re going to leave for the residents of Otago and Southland.