Government funding of health and disability services means that eligible people may receive free inpatient and outpatient public hospital services, subsidies on prescription items and a range of support services for people with disabilities in the community.

If you are not eligible for publicly funded health and disability services, you can still get the services, but you will have to pay for them, and should get health insurance.

The Government recommends that people who are not eligible for publicly funded services, or those who only have cover under the Reciprocal health agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom, also have health insurance, because the reciprocal agreements only cover immediate and necessary treatment on the same basis as New Zealanders. Visits to a general practitioner, non-urgent or discretionary services, rehabilitation, and repatriation are not funded within the reciprocal agreement.

Guide to eligibility

Go to the Guide to Eligibility to see if you are eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.

Eligibility for specific services

Some services are subject to special eligibility criteria, even for people who are eligible for publicly funded services.

For more information on these services, go to High-cost treatment pool.