Progress on worker housing

The New Dunedin Hospital's local advisory group is making progress on issues including workforce accommodation, transport and a possible district heating scheme

New Dunedin Hospital site revealed

Health Minister Dr David Clark has announced that Dunedin’s new hospital will be built on the old Cadbury Chocolate Factory site and parts of surrounding blocks

Size of hospital takes shape

The Southern Partnership Group has gained an early glimpse of how big the New Dunedin Hospital might be.

How to house a workforce

The local advisory group for the new Dunedin Hospital has focused on how the city might house the construction workforce.

Work on site selection concludes

The Local Advisory Group set up to assist with the new hospital development was able to engage for the first time on issues other than the...

New hospital site options narrow

The latest Southern Partnership Group meeting has narrowed the number of sites under consideration, according to convenor Pete Hodgson.

SPG meeting progresses site selection

The Southern Partnership Group held its first meeting for 2018 today, and progressed the process of site selection. Chair Pete Hodgson described the process as ‘on...