The New Dunedin Hospital project has taken another positive step with the completion of the Site Masterplan.

The masterplan ties together the complex strands of detailed planning completed to this point and sets the blueprint for the work to come.

Southern DHB Chief Executive Chris Fleming says an important milestone has been reached.

“As a health community we can now properly grasp the dimensions of our new hospital and have confidence that it will have the flexibility to meet future needs.”

The Masterplan shows how all the services the hospital needs can be accommodated on the site while also leaving room for future changes.

The larger Inpatient building will sit on the Cadbury block while the Outpatient/Day Surgery building will be on the Wilson block. Also on the Wilson Block will be an Interprofessional Learning Centre and sites for future services.

“In this project there had already been an enormous amount accomplished in terms of understanding the hospital and how it should function. The next step was working out how this would be delivered in practical terms, particularly with the unique challenges posed by a narrow central city site.

“While fitting everything together for good working relationships between different departments is not going to be easy, this site masterplan is a significant step forward, and I commend the efforts of the health planners and the Southern DJHB staff involved.”

The Interprofessional Learning Centre was a key component of the hospital campus, future-proofing both the hospital development and the wider health system.

“We know that the health system will undergo profound changes in the next decades so ongoing staff training and development will be vital.”

Fleming says the allocation of space for future development on the Wilson Site will assist decision making.

“The future development areas give us the breathing space to think broadly about the best use of the site for our patients and staff. This space is vital to ensure we do not return to the current situation where our physical land constraints have severely hampered options to maintain high quality facilities within a working hospital environment.”

A public meeting to update the community on the project and answer questions will be held next month.


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