The next stage in the new Dunedin hospital project has begun with the master site planning process getting underway.

The process will work towards a preferred option on the number of buildings the new hospital complex will have, how they will be joined, and where they are likely to be situated on the site.

It will also start to flesh out changes in traffic flows and changes in pedestrian traffic, according to Southern Partnership chair Pete Hodgson.

‘We need to start understanding how the new hospital complex will relate to the central city and to the University and Polytech. Ensuring the new hospital deliberately contributes to the future of Dunedin’s health-education sector is very exciting.

"In particular we need to work closely with folk in the health sciences part of the University to be certain our future thinking is well joined up.

"There are negative things to consider too. Shadowing, vibration and other neighbourhood effects all need to be better understood. The biggest building program in Dunedin’s history is going to have some negative impacts somewhere.’

Mr Hodgson said the initial master site planning phase is likely to be completed in late October.

Meanwhile the first of two phases of the detailed business case is nearing completion.

Three of the five chapters were signed off at this week’s Southern Partnership Group meeting and the remaining two will be completed within a month. The second phase will be informed by the initial master site plan, and is due for completion in about March next year.

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