We publish a range of accountability documents and performance data throughout the year.

The summary information below helps readers understand what they contain and you search for specific documents in our Publications section.

  • New Zealand Health Plans

    We published our interim New Zealand Health Plan in October 2022: Te Pae Tata Interim New Zealand Health Plan 2022. The first comprehensive Plan will be prepared for delivery in early 2024.
  • Statements of Intent (goes to another website)

    Statements of Intent (SOI) are published every three years. They provide insight into the strategic direction of Te Whatu Ora and how we will deliver health services to New Zealanders over the period of the Statement.
  • Statements of Performance Expectations (goes to another website)

    Statements of Performance Expectations (SPE) are published every three years. They set out our performance expectations, provide a baseline for our performance assessment, and communicate our accountability.
  • Annual Reports

    Annual Reports summarise our major work programmes and achievements for the financial year, including our output performance and financial summary, and demonstrate our progress towards our Strategic Intentions.
  • Quarterly Performance Reports

    Quarterly Performance Reports provide a national picture of performance to inform decisions for, and track progress towards, achieving health outcomes.
  • Monthly Performance Metrics

    These 12 monthly performance metrics are drawn from the Health System Indicators and also include cancer, acute and planned care metrics.